Posted by: Dan | September 17, 2007

Public Forum on Science and Politics, this Thursday

I hadn’t heard of it till Chris Mooney posted it on his blog, but he’ll be here on Thursday (9/20) for a panel discussion from 4-6pm.

Public Forum on Science and Politics–The War on Science: What Have We Learned?:

A lecture by Chris Mooney, author of The Republican War on Science, followed by faculty panel and audience discussion. Panel members include:Kurt Gottfried, Physics; Ron Herring, Government; Steve Hilgartner, Science & Technology Studies; Ted Lowi, Government; Jon Shields, University of Colorado; and Janice Thies, Crop and Soil Sciences.

Chris Mooney’s book has documented increasingly intrusive partisan effects on the practice of science, and serious consequences thereof. The broader questions include relationships between science and state, government and scientists, and real effects of distorted knowledge or ignorance. Beyond partisan science, how inevitable is the intertwining of science and politics given the embedded nature of science in society?

This forum is featured in the Provost Seminar Series and is co-sponsored by the Ben and Rhoda Belnick Fund for Government Studies at Cornell.


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