Posted by: Dan | September 11, 2007

6 Years Out

Honoring the dead, 6 years later.

Meanwhile, the US is still off ruining the world, generating blow-back and propaganda, tackling the symptoms of Arab hatred for Americans and not the causes. There are more terrorists now than in 2001, and even if we wipe out Al Qaeda (which is alive and well), a new terrorist organization will likely spring up in its place. When will we learn that might does not make right, that reciprocal killing of civilians does not solve anything, and that brutality is a tool not of the just but of the tyrannical?

Under the neo-con flag, we have forgotten the principles that this great nation was founded on, and are lost.



  1. To

    All my friends in united states of america i remember the incident me watching along with my late father k.krishnan kutty in the television news channel the sept 9/11 world trade centre havoc,

    i from deep of my heart condole the incident where innocent life was lost for no cause . Though today the world wide cause is to fight against terrorism and corruption at all levels across the world.

    Terror should not be replied by terror but instead the route cause of which has to be analyised and brought under control and wiped out from the world for us all to lead a peaceful and better life.

    War is never a solution , rather now, building of the wartone areas and making the life of the families to pleasant, rounting out unemployment and creating more leagalised employment for a living is necessary.

    Religion is self dicipline , respecting the values of one another . religion should never become a fundamental.This approach leads to many innocent embarcing situations.

    I pray and request you all to pray for the betterment of future and good livilyhood.

    yours truly

    rajasekhar c k

  2. Natalie Angier, the newest A.D. White Professor-at-large at Cornell, gave a book reading last night at Kennedy Hall. Angier read from her book, The Canon: A Whirligig Tour of the Beautiful Basics of Science, mentioning such topics as the cell, evolution, the creation of heavy elements in stars, and the poor ability of humans to understand probability. During a question-and-answer period, Angier mentioned the pervasive damage done to science by the current American administration, and revealed that her next book may be a children’s book on atheism. Angier also discussesd the merits of electronic vs. paper publication.

    Professor Angier, welcome to godless Cornell.


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