Posted by: Dan | September 5, 2007


Heh, cool – last night I passed the 50,000 hit mark. Not too bad, considering I just do this because (a) I actually do like science this much and (b) because I obsess about things like online discussions way too much for my own good. I’m also just 7 comments away from the 1,000 comment mark.

Also, check out the new masthead – no longer a collage of miscellaneous pics from the web, this is my own photography: a picture from the base of McGraw Tower on Cornell’s campus, looking out over Lake Cayuga of the Finger Lakes, in Ithaca, NY. (taken in May 2007).

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  1. No recent activity over at The Design Paradigm. Is there no one who can wear Hannah Maxson’s shoes?

  2. Ithaca, N.Y., in the lush land of the Finger Lakes

  3. Ithaca museum displays photos of world’s spiritual landmarks

  4. Ivy,
    Nice articles, especially the one about touring the area.

    I don’t know about Hannah, but we could use more people interested in popularizing science (as opposed to pseudoscience), education, nature, and sustainability!

  5. Allen’s blog, the Evolution List, has been dead too. Now that is a downer.

  6. Found this through Larry Moran’s blog, and it’s great:

    The Meaning of Life
    by Carl Zimmer

  7. Is that 7 comments yet? Do I win a prize? Scienceblogs is offering a prize, you know.

    Downtown Ithaca news: Simeon’s is closed, and will re-open soon under new ownership.

  8. Hey, thanks for comment #1000!

  9. Prize? Um…

    Simeon’s is closed? Yet another downer…


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