Posted by: Dan | August 31, 2007

Navy Sonar Hurts Whales, but “We’re at War”

Via CNN, the Post and the NY Times:

National security interests outweigh the possible harm to marine life, a three-judge panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals determined in overturning a judge’s order banning the practice.”

“The public does indeed have a very considerable interest in preserving our natural environment and especially relatively scarce whales,” Judge Andrew Kleinfeld wrote for the majority. “But it also has an interest in national defense. We are currently engaged in war, in two countries.”

Ah yes, the threat of Afghan and Iraqi subs. How silly of me to forget the pressing need for our navy to be ready for their imminent attack!

Is this what passes for intelligent judicial decisions these days?! Well, at least I’m reminded why I’m so in favor or conservationist activism, including groups like Sonar Slaughter.

I feel an evening of ranting over a couple beers coming on…

For more, check out the National Resources Defense Council’s page on Protecting Whales from Dangerous Sonar.



  1. Fuck the Navy.

  2. If that’ s the way you feel, the navy will be happy to concede to your opinions, as soon as you renounce your citizenship and remove yourself from US soil so they no longer have an obligation to protect your sorry ass. Until you show you have the balls to do that fuck you.

  3. Chester, care to try that again after you’ve calmed down?

    Also, guys, please try to cool it with the unnecessary swearing.

  4. Also – Chester,
    As a follow-up thought on “as soon as you renounce your citizenship and remove yourself from US soil so they no longer have an obligation to protect your sorry ass,” maybe you can explain why we need the navy to protect us from these so-called Afghan and Iraqi subs?

    And, isn’t it funny how we don’t get much say in how our military is managed, but it is criminal to withhold one’s taxes in protest? That sounds awfully like ‘taxation without representation’ – you know, the slogan that started the Boston Tea Party.

  5. Thank you Dan.
    Is it not coincidental that as soon as the ban on limiting Navy sonar to safer levels is lifted, we have now 3 dead whales washed up on the coast of Southern California where the Navy were okayed to do their testing?! Perhaps, but not likely. And most news sources will never give YOU the TRUTH! Do the Knowledge.

  6. It’s not just Iraq and Afghanistan we need to worry about. Many countries in the world are not in terribly good standings with the United States and those nations could have submarine technology. Besides, remember the Boy Scout motto of ‘be prepared’. Protecting the whales is all fine and dandy but we won’t be able to appreciate them if we’re all fried in a nuclear attack.

  7. John Doe,
    I assume you’re kidding – about both the capability of any such attack and about your casual disregard for biodiversity.

    I’m sorry, I don’t find it funny.


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