Posted by: Dan | August 23, 2007

Lying Filth of the Discovery Institute

Now the lying filth of the Discovery Institute (the ones trying to replace science with theology) are coming out with a movie, based upon the premise that scientists are persecuting those proclaiming that it is “inappropriate” for anyone to teach “views that differ from evolution” in any “life, earth, and physical science courses.”

Only in the minds of the Right would excluding non-science magical thinking from science classrooms would be a “Darwinist inquisition.” Shall we complain about alchemy being excluded from chemistry, phrenology from psychology, astrology from astronomy, or homeopathy from medical programs?

Of course not, but these lying filth have long been on a full onslaught PR campaign to advance such a political agenda regardless.

Since when is demanding professional competence from teachers, politicians, students, and the professionals themselves persecution?

Meanwhile, I note that they pulled the sort of nonsense that Casey Luskin of the DI cried foul over a while back, dishonestly seeking an interview under false pretenses. Of course, it doesn’t much effect the situation, but I’m just saying…



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