Posted by: Dan | July 26, 2007

Truth in Science and Politics

The Union of Concerned Scientists Science Idol contest winner has been announced! I kinda like the fact that the cartoon that I voted for won – and I voted for it because it was the most to-the-point and eye-catching of the lot. The abuse of science these days, largely perpetrated by the Right, are just this – a battle over truth.

Kudos to Jesse Springer, along with all of the other contestants.


  1. Chloracidobacterium thermophilum

  2. agreed, nice cartoon

  3. I doubt that the average citizen knows or believes that the federal government has suppressed the work of some scientists. I don’t remember who said it but it is hard for a man to understand something if his salary depends on not understanding it. Scientist who work for and advise the government should not have their work manipulated or distorted. It creates confusion for the general public. Also, many people who read about this may be doubters and not even believe that this is true. That is why it is important to have awareness and organizations that educate people. We should be truly free. Freedom of information is important. We should be free to access crucial scientific information. True freedom is not just spiritual but intellectually also.

  4. thank you so much for this.

    I borrowed your idea and blogged an excerpt from the article myself at

    hope you don’t mind.



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