Posted by: Dan | July 19, 2007

Tangled Bank: Call for Submissions

Jeremy at The Voltage Gate has issue #84 of the Tangled Bank: Science in Ancient Greece.

And in just under two weeks, I’ll be hosting the 85th Tangled Bank, so send in your contributions! Please send them to “cellsnbirds” at (or “host” at by Tuesday at Noon (EDT), July 31st.

Currently, I think I’ll go with a discrete-bits of science theme – categorizing contributions by the fundamental units of their respective fields: atoms for physics, cells for experimental biology, artifacts for archaeology, etc. So when sending in your contribution, it would help to not only include a brief summary of the post you’re sending, but also a sentence or so relating your topic to a fundamental unit within your field.

As for my recent lack of posts – sorry ’bout that – I’ve had my hands full with various things, with reduced access to articles and such (to write posts with). Please remain patient while I get caught up on those other responsibilities!



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