Posted by: Dan | July 10, 2007

Aquatic Invasive Species Training

Via Audubon, there’s a workshop notice that I received and would like to pass along:

Invasive species are a harmful subset of so-called exotic, alien, non-native, or introduced species, and are one of the most serious global environmental challenges we face. In the United States alone, scientists estimate that about 7,000 invasive species of plants, mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles, fish, arthropods, and mollusks are established. Efforts are underway in Congress to address the problem of aquatic invasive species, which threaten our waterways and lakes.

WHO: People who want to help keep aquatic invasive species out of our waterways. People who want to learn more about how Capitol Hill works and how to be effective advocates. People like YOU!

WHAT: One day of education and advocacy training on the aquatic invasives species and pending legislation, followed by a day on Capitol Hill to meet with your Senators and Representatives.

HOW: Fill out the application online by Monday, July 16.

WHEN & WHERE: Sunday, July 29 to Tuesday, July 31 in Washington, DC



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