Posted by: Dan | July 9, 2007

Visualizing the Stages of Mitosis

Via a Hungarian Polish science blog that kindly links to me often enough, I came across a great YouTube clip describing the stages of mitosis with beautiful graphics. While I can’t understand Hungarian Polish at all, Miggawki looks like a very nice science blog, with interests rather comparable to my own.

The videoclip in question does an decent job of showing the cell interior, despite only showing membranes (vesicles, the Golgi, etc.) in the cytoplasm – not the focus of the clip anyway – and does a very nice representation of polar spindle formation and chromosome positioning, I think. The main drawback is how significantly it declutters, and therefore oversimplifies, the microtubule activities in chromosome alignment and segregation. That said, it is a nice visual of the process, so check it out.



  1. Sweet! Nice find! All of these animated videos are so awesome. They do a lot to help give some kind of spacial reference inside the cell.

  2. Thank you for so much praise. It’s in Polish though ;)

  3. Oops – sorry for the mistake!


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