Posted by: Dan | June 17, 2007

Cells Weekly #34

“Over the years, Don [Herbert, aka Mr. Wizard] has been personally responsible for more people going into the sciences than any other single person in this country,” George Tressel, a National Science Foundation official, said in 1989.

Mr. Wizard, you will be missed, greatly.

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I and the Bird #51, Oekologie #6

Two podcasts to recommend: Cell‘s podcast (.mp3) on kinase signaling among other things, and Science Friday’s special on nanotechnology, with mention of nanomedicine.

And my run-down of six ScienceDaily stories, below the fold:

Now Playing: Cell Migration LIVE!

Researchers have found a way to directly observe cell migration — in real time and in living tissue. Scientists say their advance could lead to strategies for controlling both normal growth and the spread of cancer, processes that depend on the programmed, organized movement of cells across space.

Professor Makes Case For Ethically Universal Stem Cell Lines

Researchers examine moral questions and the scientific feasibility of deriving Human embryonic stem cells lines in ways that avoid destroying living human embryos.

Neuronal Activity Gives Clues To Working Memory

A newly discovered interplay of cells in one of the brain’s memory centers sheds light on how you recall your grocery list, where you laid your keys and a host of important but fleeting daily tasks. Scientists say their experiments with common goldfish are uncovering the secrets of a form of short-term recall known as “working memory.”

Scientists Link Cell’s Protein Recycling Systems

Researchers have discovered a molecular link between the cell’s two major pathways for breaking down proteins and have succeeded in using this link to rescue neurodegenerative diseases in a simple animal model.

Neural Stem Cells Reduce Parkinson’s Symptoms In Monkeys

Primates with severe Parkinson’s disease were able to walk, move, and eat better, and had diminished tremors after being injected with human neural stem cells.

How Tumor Cells Home In On The Lymphatic System

Scientists have published a new mechanistic description of how tumor cells migrate to the lymphatic system in the early stages of tumor metastasis. This new understanding holds significant potential for developing anti-metastasis therapies.


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