Posted by: Dan | June 2, 2007

Ithaca Photography and Blogging

Just in case you wanted to know how beautiful a place the Finger Lakes and Ithaca are to live in, go check out Poetdiva’s Ithaca Daily Photo blog (well, it’s now the “Ithaca-When-I-Feel-Like It Photo” blog).

There’s plenty of other Ithaca-region blogging to be had as well:

Five Wells – Mary Ann builds her own Eden, one weed at a time.

Ithaca Blog – “Ithaca NY – 10 sq. mi. surrounded by reality.”

Living in Dryden – Perspectives and thoughts, from the next town over.

Cornell Blog – An unofficial Cornell blog from a recent graduate.

Finger Lakes Weekend Wino – Blogging the Finger Lakes wineries.

Dryden is home – Ithaca-area living, next town over.

The Evolution List – Commentary from an Introductory Biology lecturer at Cornell.

The Contemplative Nuthatch – A circumspect view from Sapsucker Woods.

Natural History Artworks – A blog on natural history art-especially birds.

Cornell Mushroom Blog – Nature, as told by a Cornell mycologist.

Any others that I haven’t come across yet? I know of a couple more, but those are hugely out-of-date.



  1. Hey thank you for the post :)

  2. Thanks for the link, Daniel. Check out Ellis Hollow


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