Posted by: Dan | May 31, 2007

Regarding My Private Life

(on a more optimistic note than my last post) … I usually try to keep my personal life separate from the blog here, but I thought it worth sharing the recent engagement pictures of my fiancée and I at Cornell and around Ithaca. They were taken by a friend of ours, Bruce Monger – thanks Bruce!



  1. Congratulations!! That’s a beautiful picture. :)

  2. Congrats! When’s the big day?

  3. Thanks guys! We’re excited, that’s for sure.

    The big day will be September 28 of this year, with a second wedding in my fiancée’s home country of Cyprus on June 21 of next year.

  4. congrats, Dan!

  5. Be careful about your health; don’t come down with antibiotic resistant tuberculosis before you fly off for your Greek wedding.


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