Posted by: Dan | May 18, 2007

Books: Cell of Cells

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I hadn’t heard about them, but there are three recent books on the stem cell story reviewed in last week’s Nature. The one who’s cover is above, Cell of Cells: The Global Race to Capture and Control the Stem Cell sounds interesting, and is described as “a rather big book that will be of most interest to those working in the stem-cell field.”

The author mounts a persuasive case for the need to conduct research using both embryonic and adult stem cells, and pointedly takes to task religious groups and others who are opposed to the use of embryos in research… She pitches her account squarely in the context of competition between individual scientists, labs and nations, not all of which have been proceeding honourably in the race to revolutionize medicine using stem cells.

The other two books are pitched more towards other audiences, however. Christopher Scott’s Stem Cell Now: A Brief Introduction to the Coming Medical Revolution, is “fundamentally a primer on stem-cell research, suitable for lay readers and freshmen. It offers accessible descriptions of stem-cell science and analysis of associated ethical and political issues.”

And Eve Herold’s Stem Cell Wars is “a good resouce for patients and is also appropriate for lay readers. It is light on science but heavy on compassion and good sense.”



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