Posted by: Dan | May 17, 2007

Science Communcation Course at Cornell

This is promising…

Science graduate students start workshop to become media savvy – ‘Be clear, direct, proactive’ in communicating research is message.

In the end, they tackled the media industry from the perspective of scientist, public affairs officer, print reporter, editor, broadcast journalist, blogger and filmmaker. For their final projects they took on freelance writing gigs (one even became a writer intern for the Cornell Chronicle) and produced films and podcasts. And in learning more about how society gets its news, they started recognizing how their own science could be newsworthy.

Wow. I don’t recall hearing about this course until now, but I wish I had, and payed it some attention.

“[For] a lot of the students, their research will get more play in the media after being in this course,” Wolfe said. “They will all have more confidence in reaching out to the media and general public — which was the main goal.”

Yes, researchers in general could definitely use more of that.



  1. No mention of Dawkins-bashing.


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