Posted by: Dan | May 15, 2007

Team Sapsucker: 230 Birds

At the annual “World Series of Birding,” a 24-hour marathon of bird identifation, the team from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology tallied an impressive 230 Birds:

The Sapsuckers identified 230 species on the Big Day, a new record for the team and just one species shy of the all-time record for the event. Their nearest rivals tallied 227 species, with both the Delaware Valley Ornithological Society and Connecticut Audubon tied at that number.

The Sapsuckers started the day Saturday with a Sora and several rails on their northern route. They got their last bird at about 8:22 P.M.–a Nelson’s Sharp-tailed Sparrow. Co-captain Ken Rosenberg said that is also a first for the team.

Meanwhile, I was down in Florida for the weekend, and having never been birding down there before, I added a few to my life list. Look for my account of the trip and some pictures in a few days. Hopefully I’ll find time to blog on some cell biology soon too.



  1. forget that cell biology, we want to hear about your lifers! Only kidding! Very cool with the 230 birds with the lab!


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