Posted by: Dan | May 9, 2007

Ithaca BioBlitz Results are In

The results have been tallied, and posted on the Cornell Mushroom blog for the First Ithaca BioBlitz. You can check the Mushroom blog for the spreadsheet of results, but the vital statistics:

46 participants, who found 266 species!

Of those, 26 were birds – a modest number, and considering that we were focusing on just one habitat (mixed deciduous woods, with a small stream running through), that’s not bad.

Others include:
1 Annelid
1 Flatworm
14 Arthropods
2 Molluscs
51 Molds
62 Mosses
14 Liverworts
1 Green Alga
37 Vertebrates (5 amphibians, 26 birds, 6 mammals)
5 Ferns
76 Leafy plants
2 Conifers



  1. Six mammals? How many of those were sasquatch?


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