Posted by: Dan | May 7, 2007

Harold Varmus on the Future of Science

Cornell has the video clip of last week’s talk up, given by Nobel laureate and CEO of the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and PLoS co-founder, Harold Varmus, on the tensions between religion, politics and science.

Having attended the talk itself, I’d have to say that Varmus’ views were that of the standard secular humanist, and spoke matter-of-factly (he gave criticism to where it’s due – largely on the political and religious Right’s side of the spectrum). And while it was very encouraging to hear someone of Varmus’ standing speak out in favor of scientifically-informed politics, I came away disappointed both that he hadn’t expressed even more of the outrage, and that such political dissent isn’t more common.

Anyway, CornellCast has the video, and anyone interested in the work of either Chris Mooney or Matt Nisbet might be interested in checking it out.



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