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Cells Weekly #28

The quote of the week is from Jacques Monod’s Chance and Necessity:

Biology occupies a position among the sciences at once marginal and central. Marginal because–the living world constituting but a tiny and very “special” part of the universe–it does not seem likely that the study of living beings will ever uncover general laws applicable outside the biosphere. But if the ultimate aim of the whole of science is indeed, as I believe, to clarify man’s relationship to the universe, then biology must be accorded a central position…

Now, welcome to your weekly dose of cell and molecular biology. As always, I’ve selected all of the blogging commentary that I’ve seen, trying to keep the selection both topical and not mere reposting of press releases from jouranls and societies. The result, hopefully, is a zeitgeist of this week’s cyto-blogging:

Mind Hacks

Greg Laden

The Daily Transcript

Denialism blog

And some ScienceDaily picks:

Scientists Identify Key To Integrating Transplanted Nerve Cells Into Injured Tissue:

Scientists have identified a key mechanism for successfully transplanting tissue into the adult central nervous system. This discovery could lead to advances in the transplantation of retina, spinal cord and other central nervous system tissues.

Cell Biology: Assumption Of Function Not Always Correct:

A protein called RecQ takes on a totally opposite function in the bacteria Escherichia coli to the one it fulfills in yeast and in humans, indicating that people seeking to understand the role of different forms in human cells and disease need to consider both possibilities, said researchers from Baylor College of Medicine in a report in an article in Molecular Cell.

Scientists View Molecular Rendezvous:

A team of researchers has filmed pairs of molecules during recognition processes, which are vital to the functioning of organisms. The study shows that the shapes of the molecules change to accommodate each other.

Mirror Neurons: How We Reflect on Behavior:

Mirror neurons, it seems, are of the utmost importance in human mind. If the same brain region that controls action also supports perception, then it explains, for example, why spectators at a boxing match sometimes jab at the air, and why seeing a violent blow to the head makes them recoil physically.



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