Posted by: Dan | May 3, 2007

The War on Endangered Species

Via The Blue Marble at Mother Jones:

More than three dozen scientists have signed a letter to protest a new Bush administration interpretation of the Endangered Species Act. The Associated Press reports their concerns that the twisted read jeopardizes animals such as wolves and grizzly bears. If Interior Department Solicitor David Bernhardt has his way, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service will have to protect animals and plants only where they’re actually battling for survival, not where they’re in good shape. That means, for instance, that Bald Eagles would never have been protected decades ago since they were doing fine in Alaska, although practically extinct in the lower 48.

… all on behalf of special interest groups. This is the trend in the Bush White House – to chip away at environmental science (be it regarding climate change or endangered species) by positioning shills hired directly from corporations that have conflicting interests, and trying to make critical changes to important policies – all under the radar of the American public. It’s unconscionable.



  1. Finally, the Wicked Witch of the West — Julie MacDonald — resigned. But she did a lot of damage in her time ramrodding the US Fish & Wildlife Service.

    Here in southwest Montana, we’re looking at the last river population of Arctic grayling wink out. After more than 20 years of hemming and hawing, FWS removed them from ESA candidacy and said it’s OK if they go extinct–there are plenty more in Alaska. Never mind the unique genetics of this southernmost population.


    Glad to hear there are a few scientists standing up to the Bush rampage against our natural heritage.


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