Posted by: Dan | April 29, 2007

Cells Weekly #27

The quote of the week comes from Lewis Thomas:

The only solid piece of scientific truth about which I feel totally confident is that we are profoundly ignorant about nature… It is this sudden confrontation with the depth and scope of ignorance that represents the most significant contribution of twentieth-century science to the human intellect.

Now, welcome to your weekly dose of cell and molecular biology. As always, I’ve selected all of the blogging commentary that I’ve seen, trying to keep the selection both topical and not mere reposting of press releases from jouranls and societies. The result, hopefully, is a short list of this week’s cyto-blogging:

Public Rambling

SciAm Observations

Respectful Insolence

And just one ScienceDaily pick to emphasize this week:

Scientists Create Nano Nose Aimed At Sniffing Out Diseased Cells

Scientists have created a kind of molecular nose that uses nanoparticle-based sensors to sniff out and identify proteins. The sensors, which can be trained to detect a wide variety of proteins, could eventually serve as a medical diagnostic tool by sniffing out the proteins made by sickly cells.



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