Posted by: Dan | April 18, 2007

Upcoming Talks of Interest in Ithaca

Sun., April 22nd:
Earth Day 2007

Mon., April 23rd:
Seas the Day: Recovering the Diminishing Bounty of Oceans, a lecture by marine ecologist Dr. Jane Lubchenco

The Politics and Policies of Environmental Protection, a seminar by Christine Todd Whitman, former head of the EPA

Tues., April 24th:
Biological and Mechanical Characterization of Cardiovascular Development and Function

Battles in a Culture War?: The Scopes “Monkey Trial” vs. The Dover Area School District Case

Sat., April 28th:
The Blogger BioBlitz

Mon., April 30th:
Epithelial Cell Polarity Proteins Regulate Initiation and Progression of Carcinoma

The Future of Science in America, a talk given by Nobel laureate Harold Varmus

Tues., May 1st:
Genetics of cancer susceptibility – from rodent models to human populations

The Invention of Science: Poetry and Technology, a lecture by Nobel Prize-winning physicist Steven Weinberg

Wed., May 2nd:
The Invention of Science: Mathematics and Philosophy, a lecture by Nobel Prize-winning physicist Steven Weinberg

Thurs., May 3rd:
A History of the Warfare of Science with Theology, a lecture by Nobel Prize-winning physicist Steven Weinberg

Fri., May 4th:
Framing Science: The Road to 2008 and Beyond, a Media, Science, and Technology colloquium given by Matthew Nisbet.

Mon., May 7th:
Compartmentalized Signaling of Ras

Birding Babylon: A Soldier-Naturalist in Iraq, a seminar by author Jonathan Trouern-Trend, 188th Area Support Medical Battalion of the Connecticut National Guard; American Red Cross

May 12-13:
Migratory Bird Day: Birds in a Changing Climate

Birdwatching field trip to Forsythe NWR with Spring Field Ornithology, to Oceanville, and Cape May, NJ



  1. Not a talk, but worth checking out:
    Leo Kottke appears in Ithaca May 4, 2007. 8 PM, Kulp Auditorium.
    Impressive 6 and 12 string acoustic guitar.


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