Posted by: Dan | April 9, 2007

AiG Gets It Right

Via Red State Rabble… Answers in Genesis asks:

Have you ever noticed that evolutionists are so sure that they have the answers to how everything began and that the Bible has to be wrong-yet every time a new discovery is made, it’s the evolutionists who have to change their theories! The only true thing about their evolutionary theories is that whatever they believe to be truth today, seems to change tomorrow!

But God’s Word NEVER changes. It’s NOT subject to modification every couple of years when a new discovery is made about the universe. If you really want to have the absolute, unchanging account of everything, go to the book of Genesis.

That’s precisely correct. When scientists uncover new evidence, they revise their theories of how the universe is constructed. When theologians uncover new evidence, they close their eyes, cover their ears, and deny even the most absurdly obvious conclusions.

The question is: Why are creationists proud of this fact?



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