Posted by: Dan | April 1, 2007

Cells Weekly #23

The quote of the week comes from the essay “The Pattern of Life’s History” in The Third Culture, by the late Stephen Jay Gould:

There is no progress in evolution. The fact of evolutionary change through time doesn’t represent progress as we know it. Progress is not inevitable. Much of evolution is downward in terms of morphological complexity, rather than upward. We’re not marching toward some greater thing. The actual history of life is awfully damn curious in the light of our usual expectation that there’s some predictable drive toward a generally increasing complexity in time. If that’s so, life certainly took its time about it: five-sixths of the history of life is the story of single-celled creatures only.

Now, welcome to your weekly dose of cell and molecular biology. As always, I’ve selected all of the blogging commentary that I’ve seen, trying to keep the selection both topical and not mere reposting of press releases from jouranls and societies. The result, hopefully, is a zeitgeist of this week’s cyto-blogging:

And for further cell biology news reports, there are a list of ScienceDaily picks below the fold.


  1. That’s an interesting quote by Stephen Jay Gould. I differ with his opinions on evolution, but it does make you sit back and have a look at it at least once…

  2. Prepare to see this report misinterpreted by Creationists: Jellyfish Have Human-Like Eyes

  3. Dawkins Foundation to release DVDs, Growing Up in the Universe


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