Posted by: Dan | March 26, 2007

Blogger Bioblitz

Jeremy Bruno of The Voltage Gate has proposed the first annual bioblitz in honor of National Wildlife Week (April 21-29).

Pick a neat little area that you are relatively familiar with and is small enough that you or the group can handle – a small thicket, a pond, a section of stream, or even your backyard – and bring along some taxonomic keys or an Audubon guide, or if you’re lucky enough, an expert in local flora and fauna. Set a time limit. Try to identify the different species of organisms that you find as well as the number of each species that you find. Take pictures if you have a digital camera, compile your numbers, make observations, set up your post however you wish as long as you include your numbers in a digestible fashion (I’ll have more details on that later) – then submit it to me and I’ll include it on the list. We will also be tallying total numbers of each species found, and then a grand total. There has also been talk of coding an interactive Google Map with distribution information, geotagging regions with a blogger’s submitted information.

I’m all for it – but I’m quite aware that most of the plants, animal and fungi that I would come across would be micro– floura/fauna, and while I’m probably more knowledgeable than the average joe off the street, I’m most definitely not an expert. Not that we need an expert, though – ANYONE is welcome to join in.

So, is there anyone interested in participating in the Ithaca area? Know of any botantists, entymologists, mycologists, or ecologists to help us out?

Tenatively, I’m thinking about 10am-Noon on either April 21st or 28th (depending on what works for people). Perhaps the Mundy Wildflower Garden (part of the Cornell Plantations) would be an excellent area, but so would the Hawthorn Orchard along Pine Tree Rd. Thoughts?

For those of you who don’t know, a BioBlitz is…



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