Posted by: Dan | March 19, 2007

Fox Sparrows

Fox Sparrow

While frequently seen bird species are still a pleasure to watch, witnessing infrequently-seen or long-unseen birds gives us a special thrill. One such bird for many in the Ithaca area is the Fox Sparrow (Passerella iliaca), which can only be seen briefly during their migrations, as they head North for Summer, or South for Winter.

Fox Sparrow

Friday there was one, Saturday there were two, and Sunday there were three Fox Sparrows. They were probably taking a break from their travels, both refueling on birdseed and avoiding the snowstorm (we got over a foot of snow again this weekend), and found my backyard to be a welcoming spot.

The Song Sparrows also have returned, and begun singing. The Cardinal has begun singing as well. Tree Sparrows are still around. There are quite a number of Juncos. And the Carolina Wren appears to have weathered the winter thus far quite well.

More Fox Sparrow pics:
Fox SparrowFox Sparrow

Tree Sparrow and Junco:
Tree Sparrow and Junco

Song Sparrow:
Song Sparrow



  1. Nice fox sparrow pictures. I saw a bunch of them yesterday.

  2. Just love seeing fox sparrows and still have yet to see any this year! Love your photos! Keep up the great work!


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