Posted by: Dan | March 15, 2007

Desk Reference: Cell Culture

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This is currently my #1 desk reference book, for double- and triple-checking my laboratory methods. It may perhaps be of little use to those not interested in studying cell biology first-hand, but there are a few sections that may be of interest to the curious passerby. These broadly relevant topics include: historical background of tissue and cell culturing; the biology of cultured cells, including adhesion, proliferation, signaling, metabolism, evolution and senescence; bioethics; applications; methodologies; etc.

What’s the desk reference for your field of research? (I’ll link to any science bloggers who offer their favorite text below the fold…)

Other textbooks (recommender):



  1. As I’m starting a masters in neuroscience later in the year, I’ve brought Fundamental Neuroscience, by Zigmund et al, into work with me. It’s been sitting on a shelf gathering dust for a few years.

    It’s a colossal volume – more than 1,500 pages, weighing at least 5 kilos. I’ll have my nose buried in it for the rest of the year.

  2. I am not exactly a science blogger, but a scientists. In our field of fluorescence, Lackowicz’s ,‘Principles of fluorescence spectroscopy’ is the book.


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