Posted by: Dan | March 12, 2007

Creationism Abroad

Just to keep tabs with the current and local intelligent design “research,” we have the latest from the Cornell creationist intelligent design awareness club:

It’s a tendancy among us as Americans to think that we’re the center of the world. Evolutionists take this tendency to the extreme when they’ve claimed frantically and repeatedly that the intelligent design evolution furor is just an outcrop of the American Christian Right Wing Republican Agenda.

Just an outcrop of the American Christian agenda? No. No one is claiming that, my dear Wulfgar – creationism is most definitely not just an American phenomenon, nor is it even solely Christian. The American creationists are just the most vocal, as it turns out.

Religion and creationism are most definitely international phenomena.



  1. Those @$#%@#$% have still not posted several entries made to the Does Darwinism predict anything? thread. Stopping a discussion you started because it is not going your way is not the height of intellectual integrity.

  2. From what I’ve seen, I agree – I don’t think Wulfgar has a hint of intellectual integrity.

  3. This is gonna cause some buzz: Lynn Margulis, HIV/AIDS denier

    What is an HIV/AIDS denier? Or HIV/AIDS denialist?
    Peter Duesberg is a fine scientist, I have read his book and examined some of the scientific papers upon which it is based. From the CDC (Center for Disease Control) in Atlanta I have requested the scientific papers that prove the causal relationship between the HIV retrovirus and the IMMUNODEFICIENCY SYNDROME commonly known as AIDS. They have never sent even references to the peer-reviewed primary scientific literature that establishes the causal relationship because they can’t. Such papers do not exist.

  4. Sorry I didn’t respond to this comment sooner.

    As much as Margulis deserves our respect, I think she’s off the chart on this one. Has she ever used or heard of Pubmed? On what grounds does she argue that entire disciplines of science are “poorly educated?”

    Aetiology has the extended reply to Margulis.


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