Posted by: Dan | March 9, 2007

Lazuli Bunting

Damn. I wish I had more time to drive down to my folks’ place in Pennsylvania.

Lazuli Bunting

This past week, there’s been a Lazuli Bunting (Passerina amoena) hanging around my hometown, and my dad and uncle were able to go watch it earlier this week. As you can see from the map, this guy is a little lost, as his species is normally only found in the western states.

UPDATE: Rob on The Birdchaser has a link to George Franchois’ photos. I’d been emailed several of the photos by a friend of a friend of a friend, but was unaware that George had posted them on the web. They’re fantastic photos!



  1. […] I commented a month ago about a rare bird sighting (for the Eastern US) back in my hometown, a Lazuli Bunting. Finally, I got a chance to come down to visit my folks, and as luck would have it, it was still […]

  2. I got to see the bunting today, March 10th. Got a few decent photos of it.

  3. Sorry, that should say April 10th!!

  4. just saw my first lazuli bunting, it’s bright colors stood out against the brown of a dry So. Ca. field. Hope it stays for awhile……….

  5. This weekend we saw our first male Lazuli Bunting. Amazing blue
    coloring! He was beautiful to watch grazing on the ground under a few birdfeeders.

    This morning though I saw three males all together on the ground finding birdseed to eat after a rainy night.

    I hope they stay through the Summer.

  6. I spotted a single male Lazuli Bunting here in Quail Valley, Riverside County yesterday 4-24-2007 at 1:30 pm at my backyard feeder. I am a native Californian and have never seen this bird before. I just moved to this area last October.
    I use Minolta Binos to watch feeder.

    The house sparrows seemed surprised at his appearance at the feeder and he is so small they look big next to him!

    This morning he was back again at 6:00 am. I have looked for female but she has not been spotted yet. If he has a mate she may be already on a nest.

  7. I think I saw a Lazuli Bunting today at my backyard feeder. I accidentally saw a bird with a bluish colored head and a white chest in my tree. It flew to the ground and appeared to pick up seed from our feeder.

    It didn’t seem to sit still for very long. The oddest part is I’m in Omaha, NE! From all the maps I see this isn’t a common area for these birds. I’ve looked at the birds that are “similar” but none of them looked like what I saw. It was about 6:30pm on 5/7.

    Is this possible?

  8. Hi Kellie,
    Out of curiousity, I looked up the data on for Lazuli Buntings in Nebraska – while they aren’t all that abundant, it is normal for a few to be seen during the months of May and June.

    Hope that helps.

  9. i live in payette idaho, i saw my first lazli
    last month, had to look it up never seen
    before. he has been back a few times
    very pretty blue. how long do they stay

  10. Whitemouth,MB. Southeast Manitoba. This past sunday morning, had a Lazuli Bunting feeding in my back yard. Hope he comes back. Most beutiful bird I have ever seen! We get all kinds of wildlife out here, from bald eagles to coyotes,fox,wolves, various wildcats. Gorgeous Bird. Hope to see him again.

  11. We saw a Lazuli Bunting at our backyard bird feeder here in Boulder, CO last week. I’ve lived here 52 years and this was our first sighting. What a beauty!

  12. I saw a Lazuli this am at 10:49 at my bird feeder in the back yard! I live in central Texas! What a great Memorial Day!! Hope you all have the same!

  13. A couple of months ago, for about a 2 week period, I had about 15 Lazli Buntings feeding in my back yard. (I put out seed for the birds and peanuts for the squirrels.) I wasn’t able to find out what they were until today. I finally spotted the little guy in a guide book at a local seed/feed store. I’m assuming they were on their way to Mexico.


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