Posted by: Dan | March 8, 2007

Happy Birthday PZ!

Tomorrow (Friday, March 9th) just happens to be a momentous day for popular biologist blogger PZ Myers of Pharyngula – he officially turns half a century old. (Does anyone know how old that is in cephalopod years?)

birthday wishes

While I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting PZ in person, I admire his writing and his ardent advocacy for science – and I hope that his birthday celebrations include many happy tentacles (or some such icky goodness)!

PS – Tomorrow just happens to be my future father-in-law’s birthday too! I wonder what that means…

UPDATE: Additional photo in honor of PZ’s birthday, coming from frequent commenter Ivy Privy – “Squid on a Stick”:

Squid on a stick


  1. Hey! Hands off my daughter!

  2. Haha – funny coincidence, is it not? ;-)

  3. Squid on a stick? ;-(


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