Posted by: Dan | March 7, 2007

An Architectural Plan Of The Cell

Scientists produce the first high resolution 3D image of a complete eukaryotic cell

Researchers at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) and the University of Colorado have now obtained the first 3-D visualization of a complete eukaryotic cell at a resolution high enough to resolve the cytoskeleton’s precise architectural plan in fission yeast.

Fission yeast cell

The electron tomogram of a complete yeast cell reveals the cellular architecture. It shows plasma membrane, microtubules and light vacuoles (green), nucleus, dark vacuoles and dark vesicles (gold), mitochondria and large dark vesicles (blue) and light vesicles (pink).


  • Hoog JL, Schwartz C, Noon AT, O’toole ET, Mastronarde DN, McIntosh JR, Antony C. Organization of interphase microtubules in fission yeast analyzed by electron tomography. Dev Cell. 2007 Mar;12(3):349-61. Pubmed


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