Posted by: Dan | February 26, 2007

The Oscars: We Need To Wake Up

The sound track from Melissa Ethridge – “I Need To Wake Up” from al Gore’s documentary An Inconvenient Truth. The song also won an oscar for best original song.

Also, Gore used his Oscar speech to help draw attention to the message behind An Inconvenient Truth.

I understand focusing on one issue, but I’m not content with just “waking up” on the issue of climate change. The issue is larger than that – we as a society need to operate less on superstition and magical thinking, and more on facts and reason. Yet we still live in a society where the popular discussions of science are dominated by global warming skeptics, creationists, and Right-wing (for a lack of a better term) bioethics (e.g. the stem cell issue); about one in six Americans is scientifically literate. Why is this situation tolerable?



  1. Congrats to Gore on winning without a recount, but this means the excellent documentary Jesus Camp didn’t win.

  2. True. Friends of God – a Roadtrip with Alexandra Pelosi, Why We Fight, and When the Levees Broke are three other very good documentaries of 2006 that deserve wider recognition as well.


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