Posted by: Dan | February 20, 2007

Fight Poverty With Science

The president of the World Bank [Paul Wolfowitz] has urged developing countries to recognise the importance of science and technology in reducing poverty.

No kidding. Still, a promising comment from the former #2 at the Pentagon.

“Perhaps it is a step too far to suggest that poor people around the world might copy this model,” he admitted. “But I am not too sure, particularly given that one of the biggest challenges these countries face is reversing the brain drain”.

And it is, in fact, the very point that scientists, economists, and politicians alike should already be rallying around – historically, investment in science is the surest way out of national poverty (or maintaining prosperity).



  1. amen to that.

    or maybe that’s not the right phrase. how do you say “amen” in science speak?

    i just finished a big paper on transformative learning. in the minds of western (university) educators, it is only with major efforts of critical thinking and reflection that truly transformative learning – learning that changes a person in significant ways – takes place, and that “knowledge acquisition” does not constitute transformative learning. this may be true for people who are comparatively well educated in the first place.

    what is overlooked, however, is that when people who have very little knowledge to begin with acquire knowledge, like people in third world countries who have very little or no schooling at all, the knowledge acquisition in itself is transformative. and transformative in perhaps the most significant way, as you so rightly point out.


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