Posted by: Dan | January 27, 2007

Light in Winter: A Festival of Science, Music and Art in Ithaca

One of the great things about Ithaca is the many opportunities for members of the community to experience the wonders of higher learning. This weekend, the annual Light in Winter festival is under way, with “Connections” as the 2007 theme (the have a blog for more information). LIW’s artistic director describes the weekend-long series of activities as:

Our 2007 festival features “connections” between us and the world we live in: music and art, engineering and sound, the smallest components of matter and the visible world, physics and movement, our actions and their effect on our planet, the brain and the senses, animal whispers and film sound.

Long-time Ithaca resident Carl Sagan once said: “Somewhere something incredible is waiting to be known.” During the Festival weekend, we embrace the excitement of discovery and celebrate the connections between science and the arts. We hope you enjoy our weekend festival that will inspire your own curiosity and creativity. Light in Winter is your world… illuminated.

The festival program is chock-full of fun events:

This morning, I went to see Andrew Revkin’s talk, covering his life-long odyssey concerning science journalism, and climate change coverage in particular. He was also signing copies of his new book, The North Pole Was Here: Puzzles and Perils at the Top of the World, and sung a song with his guitar titled “Liberated Carbon.”

I’ll miss Harvard theoretical physicist Lisa Randall’s talk “Warped Passages,” unfortunately.

I will make it to a book signing and presentation by Cornell sstronomer Jim Bell, for his book Postcards From Mars.

Then there’s a talk on the senses of smell and taste by Cornell biochemist Terry Acree, titled “Wine and the Mind.”

And tomorrow, a group of events on “The Science of Snow,” and “Birds that Roar,” among others.



  1. Thanks for taking part in the Festival and for being a fan of the interdisciplinary life we also lead! Let us know what you thought of the events it all by taking the online survey – feedback is invaluable. Glad to have found your site!
    – Madeline; LIW’s Associate Director


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