Posted by: Dan | January 26, 2007

A Step Forward for Math and Science Literacy

While No Child Left Behind is a dismal failure, and the Bush-era Republicans have slashed availability of subsidized college loans, there may be a ray of hope for math and science education. This is news to me, but apparently NSF Math And Science Partnerships Demonstrate Continued Increases In Student Proficiency.

The most recent data, for 2004-2005, show continued increases since the MSP program was established in 2002. Students showed the most significant improvements in mathematics proficiency, with a 13.7 percent increase for elementary, 6.2 percent increase for middle-school, and 17.1 percent increase for high-school students. Science proficiency at each level showed marked gains as well, with a 5.3 percent increase for elementary, 4.5 percent increase for middle-school, and 1.4 percent increase for high-school students.

Is this the beginnings to a blueprint to raise America’s dismal math (and science) literacy levels?

Also, and unsurprisingly, Bush already has tried to phase out the Partnerships.

For more on the Partnerships, check out the NSF’s MSP at a glance page, and the state-by-state partnership listings.



  1. Your pal Cornelius Hunter caught pulling a fast one.


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