Posted by: Dan | January 25, 2007

Thank Your Mentor Day

Did you know that today, January 25th, was Thank your mentor day? I just found out actually. Who would I thank?

Well, my pre-doctoral advisor, Jun-Lin Guan created a fantastic learning environment. I’m also getting a tremendous amount of advice and direction (not to mention a good motivational kick in the butt) from my current advisor, Mingming Wu. Thanks to both of them!

Speaking of good kicks in the butt, my apologies for being slow blogging in the past few days. I plead exhaustion from trying to get a lot accomplished in little time. I’m not going anywhere though, and indeed, I’m planning on blogging about just science for the week of Feb 5-11.



  1. Quit your crying and get writing! :-)

    I am also doing the Just Science challenge so it will be interesting to see if we cross paths with any of our topics.

    Keep up the great work.

  2. When is “Thanl your tormentor” day?

  3. That should have been “Thank your tormentor”. $%@$% lack of preview.


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