Posted by: Dan | January 13, 2007

New Blogs on the Horizon

These days, there are simply so many great blogs that I’d like to put in my blogroll (see sidebar), that I feel the need to be extremely picky about who I include in that list and who I keep there. It is, afterall, meant to be a condensed list of recommended resources for readers of Migrations, few in number though they be. (I am afterall only a small blog, with about 100 visitors/day)

In addition to those already on my blogroll, there are two others that I’ve recently took notice of. Those being:

  • Matt’s Behavioral Ecology Blog. Matt “use[s] molecular, behavioral, and demographic analyses to describe the role of disease and genetic variability in shaping mammalian mating systems. [He] look[s] at MHC variability across the monogamy-promiscuity continuum using Peromyscus (Rodentia) as [his] study system.”
  • Brian’s Laelaps. Brian brings us “ramblings and the occasional asinine assertion involving evolution, intelligent design/creationism, conservation, cryptozoology, and a myriad of other topics many people don’t stop to think about.”

I hope they keep up the good writing.



  1. Thanks for the addition to your blogroll! So far I average about 12 visitors a day (the highest ever was 34, hah), but I definitely appreciate the link. I hadn’t come across your blog until I saw it on the “incoming links” section here on WP, but I am certainly very impressed and look forward to more awesome posts here as well. Thanks again and best regards,


  2. […] mentioning you on the blogosphere, and much to my suprise I’ve found out that I’ve been added to a blogroll! From what I’ve read so far, Migrations is a wonderful blog as well and I would certainly […]

  3. Brian,
    No problem! Keep up the great blogging – both you and Matt have a lot of potential for expanding on the links between ecology and evolution, which is a fascinating area. Good luck!


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