Posted by: Dan | January 4, 2007

Northern Shoveler

northern shovelers

I actually took this picture some months ago, but only recently re-found it when browsing my digital picture collection. It’s a male/female pair of Northern Shoveler‘s (Anas clypeata), at the Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge.



  1. Do you have a polarizing filter for your camera?

  2. Unfortunately no, I don’t…

  3. That explains that.

  4. Yes, this was taken with a very basic Fujifilm digital camera, without any add-ons. I’ve since gotten an adaptor and additional 2X lens, but I don’t think it includes a polarizing filter.

    I dream of the day when I can afford to splurge on a digital SLR, with all the options…

  5. Shots of these shovelers is much better than any shovelers that I have ever gotten! Great Job!

  6. Sucker-footed bat

  7. Nice photos. Thanks for posting them!


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