Posted by: Dan | December 15, 2006

I’ve been fooled

Yep, I admit it, I’ve been had. A commentor labeling himself as “IDiot” joined in on this thread this morning, with nonsensical arguments.

Well – puzzle solved – it’s none other than the commentor previously going by the handle “Roger Rabbit,” right-wing/creationist troll extraordinaire.

Byebye, “Roger” – you know that you’re not welcome here. Your comments on that thread have been deleted, because you’ve made it clear to me in the past that you’re not interested in honest discussion, and this time you’ve stooped to deceiptful manipulation.



  1. Hey, seeing as how you use WordPress, I have an idea. You can ban the troll’s IP address in Options settings on the dashboard. It’s a superb feature, and I’ve used it on one or two particularly noxious creatures. Drop me a line if you have trouble finding the feature.

  2. Yep – I have it set now to ban his IP, and his comment since then has been successfully blocked. As you’ve noticed, I also have first-time commentors set to be held for moderation… I was just being duped, and approved his comment, being the kind fool that I am.

    Funny though, in his comment that was blocked this morning, he’s denying being “Roger Rabbit,” despite his IP address matching exactly to one of those used previously by RR.

  3. Cool buddy, glad it worked out.

  4. he’s denying being “Roger Rabbit,” despite his IP address matching exactly to one of those used previously by RR

    It is technically possible. I’m running a firewall with NAT, so any computer behind my firewall appears to have the same IP address. Or they could just coincidentally be using the same cybercafe or something. Not that I consider any of those possibilities to be likely.

  5. Ed Brayton has got quite a scoop:

    Study Shows Discovery Institute Copied Book For Law Review Article

  6. Actually, on the topic of IP addresses, I think you’re right – the IP addresses are not a reliable way of confirming the identity of a commentor. That’s probably why comment forms for WordPress, Blogger, etc., require an email address for authentication, so there’s a means of confirming that the commentor is someone honestly interested in respectful discussion (his email address was bogus).

    So, even if I screwed up on the IP issue, I stand by giving him the boot – he was also trolling with truly nonsensical comments, and was downright hostile, and I want none of that.


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