Posted by: Dan | December 8, 2006

Blogging on the Front Lines of Conservationism

… No, of course I’m not talking about this blog.

Instead, some are using the instant connection of the internet to get their stories to readers far and wide, told via National GeographicExposing Atrocities, Blogs Give Wildlife Warriors Instant SOS:

Getting the message out isn’t easy on the front lines of wildlife conservation.

News crews and other media are seldom on hand to spread the word of efforts to save endangered animals in remote tropical regions often ravaged by war, poverty, and disease.

Now conservationists are taking matters into their own hands, via their keyboards, in harnessing the power of the blog to attract headlines and much needed support.

One such blog, from central Africa, made the news last month…

I think I saw more about this elsewhere, in a more thorough story, but can’t seem to find where. If I find it again, I’ll update and include it below.



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