Posted by: Dan | November 20, 2006

Casey Luskin: Crash Test Dummy

Normally I don’t like to follow along with the crowd, but this time it’s well-deserved… Casey Luskin just doesn’t get it, and just loves to add to the standard lies and propoganda coming from the Discovery Institute. Go check out the latest dismissal of his breathless inanity and willful distortions, this time by Carl Zimmer.

The punchline going around is Casey Luskin‘s comment, in reference to the shortcomings of the vertebrate eye:

Was the Ford Pinto, with all its imperfections revealed in crash tests, not designed?

This is a frequently-used, and pathetically inept, argument used by the creationists… when trying to explain how something biological was designed, cite some absurdly unrelated inanimate object, and say “See, they’re the same!”

Stupid creationists.


Late addition:

Reading Zimmer’s rebuttal to Luskin all the way through, he has a good synopsis of the logic of intelligent design in the final sentence:

Why do you and an octopus have eyes that are so different and yet so similar? It’s a fascinating question, but one that never appears in Luskin’s posts. Design is always the answer, like a brick wall to curious minds.

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  1. What, did someone mention Casey Luskin? Isn’t Casey Luskin the founder of the IDEA Clubs?


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