Posted by: Dan | November 1, 2006

Republican Interference with Science

I’m not sure that anyone really needs reminding about the Republican war on science, including interference by the Bush administration and the GOP-controlled House and Senate. But just in case you do need reminding (what with the elections coming up), Nick Anthis on The Scientific Activist has the goods:
Bush Administration Interferes with Science… Again.

And more directly from the Union of Concerned Scientists:
Systematic Interference with Science at Interior Department Exposed: Emails and Edited Documents Show Evidence of Manipulation:

Recently obtained documents demonstrate that Deputy Assistant Secretary Julie MacDonald and other high-ranking political appointees within the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) at the Department of the Interior have systematically distorted, manipulated, and misused the scientific process prescribed by the Endangered Species Act. In several notable cases, this interference resulted in changing a “positive” finding–in favor of protecting species under the Endangered Species Act–to a “negative” finding. In making these changes, MacDonald, whose training is in engineering, overrode the recommendations of the agency’s own biologists.

Obviously, I’m voting for scientific integrity in policy-making. What are you voting for?



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    Congressman Ron Paul, a man who truly believes in freedom, is running for the Republican nomination for president. I’m working to gather support so Congressman Paul will become a candidate.


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