Posted by: Dan | October 31, 2006

Will Creationists Ever Stop Their Assault on Science?

There are a lot of things wrong with this world, but one that is particularly relevant to me is that of creationists trying to change the very definition of science. As such, PZ Meyers has a must-read post on the topic if you’re interested, warning against complacency.

Take a look at the ID blogs, and you don’t find the proponents shrugging their shoulders and saying, “well, I guess we were wrong after all”…they’re going to try re-branding and re-tooling and they’re going to be peddling the same old piss in new bottles.

The supporting base is untouched. Megachurches are growing—and they aren’t preaching skepticism and the appropriate evaluation of the evidence. Talk to your average small-town good old boy, and they won’t have even heard of Dover or Behe or Dawkins or Johnson or Miller…but they sure as hell know they didn’t come from no monkey.

On one hand, you can’t blame the average layperson, there’s a greater perceived benefit for them to leave science to the scientist or educator, and stick to their comfortable but ignorant way of life. But that’s just want we’re trying to change – ignorance and blind obedience to an outdated mythology.

An informed worldview is a good thing, right?!



  1. You just wait until that top secret DI-funded research starts making its way to the journals.

  2. Why can Creationists &/or Intelligent Design advocates solve Sudoku Number Puzzles so quickly?


    It’s just a matter of faith! It’s the same method creationists resort to in trying to prove their unsustainable “intelligent design theory”. Creationists can just stop searching for reality by just assuming all gaps in current understanding and/or knowledge of evolution must be filled with a (G=god) solution. As Prof Richard Dawkins explains in chapter four of The GOD Delusion; “If an apparent gap is found, it is assumed that God, by default must fill it.” Saves them having to think and question I suppose.

    Much like the progress one makes by eliminating the possible numbers in each square as a Sudoku puzzle is solved, “gaps shrink as science advances and God is threatened with eventually having nothing to do and nowhere to hide.” This of course “worries thoughtful theologians” however the greater worry for scientists (and the rest of us) is that groups through politics or fear will walk away from the “essential part of the scientific enterprise [that is] to admit ignorance.”

    Nothing is more dangerous than a, ‘I have all the answers’ arrogant preacher followed by a bunch of non-thinking ‘god-botherers’ driven by blind faith who absolve themselves from their societal responsibilities with the comfort of unquestioning feeble-minds!

    Although some see Dawkins as a bit of a raver and less scientific in his arguments than he could (should) be, if you read Pascal Boyer’s “Gods, Spirits and the Mental Instincts that Create Them”, Dawkins’ ’emotional’ approach to battling the “ID” lobby is also needed.



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