Posted by: Dan | October 24, 2006

Science blogging conference

A brief plug for science/medical blogging and networking:

The first science/medical blogging conference is being organized to occur at Chapel Hill, NC, on January 20th of the coming year. Although I don’t think it likely that I’ll be able to attend, it’s a worthwhile idea, and I would encourage others who have the time to attend.

For more info, see either the conference’s webpage, and more info is available at Daily Kos.

Also, Bora has some final thoughts on the conference, looking back on how it was planned and executed. This post of his really puts it all into perspective.



  1. Thank you for the plug. I am excited. Is there are any way you can make it to the conference yourself?

  2. Yes, thanks for the link – especially the logo on your home page. Where are you that you’d need a ticket?

  3. I’m in the Upstate NY – Ithaca/Cornell area. So a ticket from the Syracuse airport would probably be easiest. Driving is out for various reasons for myself, not the least of which is that I’d be very limited on either side of the conference date schedule-wise.

    But yes, I just don’t have the spare $$ for a flight… bummer.


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