Posted by: Dan | October 11, 2006

A Defense Date

I (finally) have a date set for my dissertation defense! The room is reserved, and my committee’s agreed that on November 29th I’ll present my doctoral dissertation here at Cornell. Woohoo!

Additionally, I have a manuscript in final revisions, and I’m busy writing the introductory chapter for my dissertation now. The amount of writing I’m doing is already taking away weblog-related diversions, but I’ll still be putting up posts intermittently, maintaining my bookmarking, and responding to comments.

And things are falling into place for the research I’ll be doing for the ~year following my degree conferral – details still need to be worked out, but I’m getting involved in a project with dual interests – studying migration of neural progenitor cells in vitro, to better understand the use of stem cells (either adult or embryonic) in treating CNS degeneration/damage for clinical purposes; and studying vasculogenesis of HUVECs in a 3-D in vitro model – definitely exciting things going on around here these days.



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