Posted by: Dan | August 29, 2006

Why do we go to war?

I seem to be going off-topic quite a bit lately, but here I go again…

Last night I rented and saw Why We Fight, and all I have to say is if you see one movie this year to actually stimulate your mind (*gasp*), this should be it. (if you see two, you should also see An Inconvenient Truth)

Why We Fight is an insightful look at the question of why we go to war, in the context of Eisenhower’s 1961 Military-Industrial-Congressional Complex Speech, and is skillfully done. If you’ve ever wondered why it is that we’ve built an American Empire, with hundreds of military bases in 137 countries around the world, spend three-quarters of a trillion dollars a year on “Defense,” and have initiated invasions, coups and the like during every presidency since WWII, there is an underlying and systematic cause – the Military-Industrial-Congressional Complex that Ike warned us about.



  1. Canadian university mocks Bush

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  3. an inconveinent truth sucks becouse it won happen for at least another 100 years


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