Posted by: Dan | August 18, 2006

Link Digest (8/14 – 8/18)

There’s quite a bit to this week’s “Link Digest”…

First, a video-link from a friendly lurker (thanks Mark):
Richard Dawkins and the Teapot Atheists.

Then, perhaps the biggest science news of the week was on the identification of a gene that appears to have been evolving at an accelerated pace from Chimps to Humans, and is involved in brain development (specifically the neocortex and other areas involved in higher brain function). More can be read about this on EurekAlert, Evolgen, The Loom, and the Neurophilosopher. The actual article is in this week’s issue of Nature: An RNA gene expressed during cortical development evolved rapidly in humans.

The site of the week is the reDiscovery Institute, a parody of the Discovery Institute (as if they need to be satirized, with their normal buffoonery and all). Their mission is to “promote better education of children, and re-education of certain adults; those on our current Enemies List. The reDiscovery Institute supports Fellows, who write letters to editors, testify at trials, post ‘articles’ on the web, but never publish peer-reviewed papers.” (HT: RSR)

And finally there’s the miscellaneous recommended reading from around the blogosphere:

…Did I mention lately how kickass a science blog The Neurophilosopher’s Blog is?

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  2. I enjoyed the teapot clip. Thanks.

  3. Study: Decorated needles calm patients

    Wow, this could lead to dramatic improvements in the efficacy of acupuncture. It’s like placebo squared!

  4. Yowi Zowie, more street theatre from the ID camp:
    Stephen Meyer to debate the illustrious Dr. Duh

    See also some bizarre developments concerning Francis Collins on Pharyngula.

  5. On the Francis Collins stuff: as nutty as Collins is these days, it’s nice to see that he apparently had the integrity to distance himself from James Kennedy’s quote-mining of him, and argue that his statements were being taken out of context, etc., by Kennedy. Dispatches from the Culture Wars has a takedown of Kennedy, and his argument on how Naziism was born from Darwinism, that I rather prefer to PZ’s in this instance.

    The Dr. Duh “leak” is priceless, however. Between that, the Wedge document, and all their other propaganda, I frankly find it insulting to hear IDers deny the obvious: that they reject the scientific process, except in the rare instance that it suits their needs (i.e. for quote-mining purposes).

  6. For the Dawkins/Teapot Atheism post, Alex has the full video in two parts:
    The Root of All Evil Part I and The Root of All Evil Part II.


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