Posted by: Dan | August 14, 2006

Molecular Cell Biology in a Changing World

Scanning around the journals of interest to me this Monday morning, I found a couple article series in Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology that nicely encapsulates the two areas that research on cell migration, and cell biology in general, are impacting our world.

The first is the fundamental advances in understanding animal physiology, with the series on Developmental Cell Biology. Unfortunately, it looks as though they only have about a dozen reviews in this series… I say only, because there’s so much fascinating work being done in this area: relating to evo-devo, tissue morphogenesis and vasculogenesis, tissue architecture and engineering and other advancing areas that fundamentally advance our understanding of the body on the cellular level.

The other is the flip-side of the physiological question – it’s the Molecular Mechanisms of Disease. This series is much newer, but has the potential to be just as broad of a series. One obvious focus is on the mechanisms of cancer, which I spend a lot of time on, but the causes and mechanisms of any disease apply here.

And it seems that much of cell biology is diverging into these two broad classifications as popular avenues for research. If, by any chance, there are more potential cell biologists out there thinking of blogging on their field (as Alex calls out for), this might be a convenient way to categorize oneself. Afterall, I’m about cell migration and related topics as they interest me, I think The Daily Transcript is somewhat more broad, as the “big daddy” of cell bio bloggers, and others may soon be emerging.



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