Posted by: Dan | August 11, 2006

Link Digest (8/6 – 8/12)

No quote worth noting this week, just a topical review on imaging of cell migration, for those non-cell biologists that stumble by my blog, who might want a primer on what the hell it is I’m talking about half the time.

And now for the recommended reading:



  1. Also, a new blog/comment anti-anti-evolution site: Comments on ID and creationism, perfect for all of the loony creationist/ID sites that ruthlessly censor or disallow comments so as to studiously avoid inconvient scientific details.

    Comments on ID is going on the blogroll, for sure – and I’ll try to get back to blogging about cell and bird biology, interesting advances in biology and perspectives on science and society from my little corner of the world, and other interesting tangents, rather than squabbling with those who would label science as the language of the forked tongue.

  2. Likewise, I’ve added a list on the sidebar, so that I can start to put writing that I find interesting from around the blogosphere (and web in general) there – leaving the Link Digests as references of several highly relevant (as opposed to only interesting) discussions out there, when I don’t have time to comment at greater length on them.


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