Posted by: Dan | August 10, 2006

On Proto-Hox Proteins and early bilaterian development

Blogging has taken a backseat to my actual research this week, for the most part, so here’s a little ScienceDaily fun for readers:
Hox-Parahox gene precursor is determined.

The actual Nature article is more accurate and succinct: Minimal ProtoHox cluster inferred from bilaterian and cnidarian Hox complements… exactly the sort of fascinating thing that Carroll describes in Endless Forms Most Beautiful.

It’s also nothing truly surprising to anyone who’s been paying attention to the burgeoning field of Evo-Devo, but those damn creationists keep denying that there’s anything to it. How many times do we need to demonstrate that the world is round?

Other interesting and reality-based news in science lately:

Pharyngula brings us Beauty in a Speck of Dust – a commentary on a recent application of synchrotron X-ray tomographic microscopy to fossilized pre-Cambrian embryos.

Ian Musgrave on The Panda’s Thumb brings us Wells vs Tiny Flies – which gives Wells’ centriole hypothesis (that centrioles = tiny little irreducibly complex machines) the proverbial beatdown.

And the AAAS has a book out, The Evolution Dialogues, on evolution and Christianity’s response.



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