Posted by: Dan | August 7, 2006

Meeting the local birdlife

I haven’t been birdwatching much lately – too darn busy – but I have recently relocated to a different rental property for the year, in the town of Ulysses, along the West side of Cayuga Lake (along Route 89). And with our birdfeeder’s set up, we’re starting to get our first visitors: the usual yard-birds thus far, including a pair of cardinals, an occasional robin, and small groups of black-capped chickadees, tufted titmice, and goldfinch.

The one that I’ve heard that is most pleasing, however, is an Eastern Screech-Owl (pictured), which I heard two mornings ago at about 4am. Of course then I got out of bed, got dressed, and sat outside with my binoculars hoping to catch a glimpse – only to promptly fall asleep on a recliner by the window in the living room.

Maybe I’ll have to put up a nest box for the owls next spring…



  1. Nice try! Since you’re that dedicated, I’m sure you’ll have an opportunity to observe your neighborhood owl(s) at a time when there’s more light.

    I feel fortunate to have barred owls in my neighborhood. Even when their crazy cooking calls wake me up, I’m glad to know they’re out there enjoying life.

    After years of occasional glimpses of them in near darkness, I finally got a good look at one just a few weeks ago. It spent over an hour hunting in my yard and my neighbors’ yards, on a cloudy evening well before full dark. It was waaaayyyy cool! I even managed to get a couple of neighbor kids to approach quietly enough for them to watch it, too. It was fun to watch city kids discover actual wildlife in their own back yard for the first time. Their eyes were as big as the owl’s!

  2. Thanks – and very cool indeed on the Barred Owl! They’re simply wonderful birds.

  3. Cardinals are the prettiest and the best singers.

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